Wellness Wheel Instructions

Wellness Wheel Instructions

  • Get a blank piece of A4 paper and draw a reasonable sized circle.
  • Draw a horizontal and a vertical line through it.
  • Mark an “X” over the whole lot and you will have what will look like an 8 segment Pizza.
  • On the outside of the circle – parallel to the bottom of the page – name one segment “Exercise”.
  • Continue marking each segment on the outside of the circle with – “Diet and Nutritional Supplements”, “Weight Management”, “Hydration”, “Oxygenation”, “Stress Management”, “Fun and Recreation”, “Spirituality”.
  • Imagining the centre of the “Wheel” to be 0 and the outside rim 10. Think of where you would rate yourself on exercise 1 – 10. If Exercise is part of your life style, the mark that you would put in the centre of the segment would be near the rim, otherwise, closer to the centre.
  • Continue with this for all segments. When finished, join the marks in all segments – giving you a pictorial view of YOUR WELLNESS WHEEL.

What sort of a ride are you getting?

A bit bumpy?

Can you see yourself being able to change ONE segment of your life in ONE area?

If you do the same today as you did yesterday, why should tomorrow be any different???

Which area are you going to work on?? It could save your life and or those you love.


The above is the way I have run a number of stepping stones meetings at my house.

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