Steps to Health Hydration





Hendel and Ferreira write: “Upon close examination, we find that the human body is made primarily of water and salt. Natural crystal salt contains all the elements of which the human body is comprised.


2 Litres of FILTERED water a day.

(2 1/2 – 4 litres if you work out in the sun all day)

With ¼ tsp of HIMALAYAN SALT and

¼ tsp (to start with) of EPSOM SALTS per Litre.

The above composition is VERY IMPORTANT!!


Neither salt nor water is to be overdone. Listen to your body!!

Always use a small glass/glass bottle often rather than a large glass not often enough.

(Unless you are sure that the plastic bottle from which you are drinking does not put *zenoestrogens into your water – Tupperware and Neways bottled plastics are two that I know of that are OK. There are others)

When you have built up to drinking 2 Litres a day REGULARLY for 2 – 4 weeks you may see and feel the difference! Listen to your body. (Celtic, Himalayan or Sea Salt puts back into the body basic minerals and Epsom salts helps cleanse the digestive system gently – no great rush so to speak)

Please keep doing EVERYTHING your doctors are advising** – You may find you are able to ask your doctor to reduce your medication after a while, IF you stick to 2 litres of water a day! Make it into a life-time habit!! (It Works)

Can you remember what your doctor said when he gave you the prescriptions in the past? “Make sure you drink PLENTY of water!!!” – Why? I hear you ask… Because the medication works so much better when it is diluted into a form that your body can absorb.

Without water to put the medication ‘into solution’, the tablet/capsule stays in a concentrated lump and will be passed out with the garbage.

“But I drink water all day long!” I hear you say… Tap water is not the best way to drink water – It has so many chemicals to make it ‘safe’ for us to drink that our bodies will pass-it-through at express speed through the kidneys without allowing it anywhere near the rest of our body systems – Our bodies are a self-healing, self-protecting system that is programmed to use only ‘nutrients’ to enable us to feed all our cells.

By filtering the tap water we are able to ‘control’ what is in it to help our bodies make use of everything that goes into our mouths.

The funny thing is, if we drink too much water, we will dilute everything so much that we will be flushing everything out before it can do any good!

The reason we drink water is to re-hydrate all the tissues in the body so that the nutrients in our food can be used, and then wash out all the debris/garbage/old stuff through the system, using the circulation/digestion and elimination and, most importantly the LYMPH!

Sluggish Lymph is just a sewer-pipe carrying toxic waste around and around the body with no way of escape! – By diluting it with lots of fresh ‘filtered’ water with the added minerals, it becomes a living working part of our elimination process, able to remove all the toxins from the body gently and thoroughly.

Lymphatic drainage, which can so easily be done, ( ASK ME HOW )- is so little talked about among the medical profession – I wonder why? –


*zenoestrogens have been found to be responsible for polluting the waterways with estrogens from birth-control pills and HRT medications thus turning male fish into girl fish and have girl gulls nesting with girl gulls. The Pill has been around for the last 50 – 60 years and has – unknowingly to the general public – entered our water table. Not good!!

**Those in heart failure – or kidney failure requiring dialysis – MUST consult with their doctors before increasing salt intake.

For those who want more in-depth information, there are 4 full pages on the regulating functions of salt (Real Salt – not table salt which is poisonous) in “The Essential guide to Water and Salt” by F. Batmanghelidj MD and Phillip Day

Another great book to read is “The True Power of Water” by Masaru Emoto.


I will finish off with the words of Jim Rohn:-

Let others live small lives,

But not you.

Let others argue over small things,

But not you.

Let others cry over small hurts,

But not you.

Let others leave their futures in someone else’s hand,

But not you